News | 21 September 2017

Thanks John!

After seven years, Every Australian Counts Campaign Director John Della Bosca is moving on to new adventures.

Farewell John Della Bosca – Every Australian Counts Campaign Director from Essential Media on Vimeo.


John joined Every Australian Counts right when the NDIS was just a dream, helping to create a grassroots movement that turned that dream into a reality for hundreds of thousands of Australians.

Watch our video to relive some of the best moments of John’s time at Every Australian Counts and hear from many of those who were part of the Every Australian Counts journey and lined up to say “thank you”.

Watch this space.

John may be moving on but there is still a lot to do to make sure the NDIS is the best it can be. So stay tuned, there will be more news from us on that very soon!

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  • Greg Bergan

    Thanks John, and well done!

  • Robyne Burridge

    I have just seen that John Della Bosca is leaving Every Australian Counts after 7’years. I have watched all the tributes from people from all walks of life. I am just an ordinary Australian who happens to have a disability who lives in Darwin. Unfortunately I am too old to be eligible for the NDIS and that is ok because I believe the Scheme has to have a cutoff point. However I also know a lot of people who are eligible and it is thanks to John and his team that have supported him over the 7 years that these people and so many more now have the opportunity to live their life the way they want too. I have had the privilege of meeting John when he has come to the Territory and seen his dedication and the way he inspires people. Thanks John for everything you have done and please just enjoy your new venture, whatever it is and wherever it may take you. You are a magnificent Australian for what you have achieved with this campaign and you will always count in whatever you say and do.

  • Gerard Langridge

    well done john you have work push hard fight to make it happen.

    now you standing down and look for rest from been good leader i hop you finger to support put your vote.

    yes i don’t have to be a sweet hart where over 20’000 looking for a better live’s orther 30 year’s family;s 2000 on waiting list school’s or workshop’s some open Tafe get work skill from time in school’s so it made unhappy thing’s not going right i known you work hard with member’s.

    sorry i was not at all the meeting’s but i was at having a say i Att Ndis part.

    Gerard Langridge