What is Every Australian Counts?

Every Australian Counts is a campaign that is revolutionising disability services. Our grassroots campaign community are the reason the NDIS exists. We believed it was time to change the way services for people with disabilities were funded and structured and fought to make services more effective, equitable and efficient. The campaign now continues to work to enforce the promises for the National Disability Insurance Scheme – we need it fully funded and the problems fixed. Join us by signing up to our latest action, or for campaign updates.

Who is behind the campaign?

The Community
Hundreds of thousands of Australians. People living with disability, their carers, friends and supporters.

The National Disability & Carers Alliance
In 2008, the National Disability Services (NDS) – the peak body for disability service providers; the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations – the peak body for advocacy organisations, and; Carers Australia – the peak body for family carers, formed an important alliance called The National Disability and Carers Alliance. This unity became an important symbol of the resolve of the campaign for an NDIS and is now a driving force alongside the campaign’s community supporters.

Our Spokespeople
In 2018, five spokespeople became our “Every Australian Counts Champions”. Lynne Foreman, Peter and Linda Tully, Ben Paior-Smith, Carleeta Manser and Chris Riordan are community supporters, and now campaign representatives that have been selected to share our campaign community’s voices with the Australian parliament, community leaders, and the media.

The journey so far

Where we started
For years people with disability struggled with little or no support. We had to rely on family, friends, or charity, or go without. It was hard to get a good education or find a job or just be included. For a long time it looked like things would never change.

The big idea that changed everything
In 2008 people started talking about an idea that would change everything: the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The idea was simple – create a national system with enough funding to provide tailored, individual support. No more missing out, no more “one size fits all”.

What we did
We all knew the NDIS was the way to go, but we had to convince Australia. So in 2011 Every Australian Counts was born! In just two short years we amassed hundreds of thousands of supporters from our community and beyond. Together we showed Australia why we needed the NDIS.

Where we are now
The NDIS opened its doors in 2013 with trials in a few areas. In 2016 the rest of the country started rolling in. But we didn’t stop – we kept building our movement to almost half a million people. And we’re not finished yet…

What’s next?
The NDIS is making a big difference to lots of lives. People are finally getting the support they need. But the NDIS isn’t working well for everyone – that needs to change. We also need to make sure funding for the NDIS is secure – now and into the future.


You can take action now by joining the fight for a fully funded NDIS.


Interview: Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services Jenny Macklin

Every Australian Counts Campaign Director Kirsten Deane took your questions about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and disability to Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services Jenny Macklin.

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Welcome WA!

Fantastic news today from Western Australia – the National Disability Insurance Scheme is finally a truly national scheme.

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Announcing the Every Australian Counts Champions!

The Every Australian Counts Champions will represent our vibrant and diverse community when meeting members of parliament, community leaders, and the media. On behalf of all of us,

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